Signet Creative's  studio has been responsible for the production of at least 15 Addy Award-Winning commercials, sound for many award-winning industrial productions, as well as literally thousands of other commercials, industrial/corporate, documentary, audiobook, and web-based productions.  Our Studio A has been in continuous operation since 1982.  

Our computer-based recording and digital editing gives us simultaneous access to an unlimited number of recording tracks with complete automated mixing of finished tracks. We can record your production at anything up 96 kHz sampling rate, 16, 24, or 32 bit ; editing and mastering can be done at up to 192 kHz, 32 bit. Final production can be in just about any audio format you can name. Most popular are wav, aiff, mp3, ogg, wma, aac, or even CD audio (using only brand-name CD-Rs).  We maintain a very reliable and easy to use ftp on-line web storage site for you to download a file of whatever audio format or size you require. Utilizing our on-line web storage costs you no additional fee.  We also maintain an account with a commercial download service, offering you a simple download link in your email to an http server site for the same quality audio files.

Signet’s studio is equipped with lots of digital effects including many forms of reverb and compression schemes with complete mixing and equalization if needed. We exclusively utilize large-capsule studio condenser mics for any talent recording. Our studios' excellent acoustic quality place them well above many ‘booths’ or smaller facilities where a 'box-y' sound is the result.

Also included, at additional charge, is a selection of music from the Valentino® library, Footage Firm®, FreePlay Music®, the Omnimusic® Library and the Capitol® Professional™ music series, as well as sound effects, cross-referenced. (Some music requires licensing which would be the responsibility of your company, client, station or network directly.)

For more information about Signet’s talent and our digital studio’s ability to help with your production, please give us a call at (800) 636-1595 or (248) 443-2446 or email


Studio Fees (Time) Calculated ONLY when Signet Creative Talent is not being recorded.:

(Flat) $120.00 Per Hour (Half-Hour Minimum)

Studio Fees (Time) are computed on additional studio work beyond recording one of Signet’s talent for voice work. The fees include all materials utilized as part of the finished recording we provide you, so there is no additional charge for CD-R’s, labels, etc.

NOTE: If Talent managed by Signet Creative, Inc. are utilized in the production, there is no studio time charged for the period of time while the talent is being recorded. The clock only runs while editing, mixing, etc. (Talent currently include: Doug Hamilton, Dick Shafran, Da Marie Boyer, Davis Gloff, and Frank Fox).  All charges are subject to any provided quote which may supercede the normal rates.

Music and Sound Effects:

Valentino® library music selections and others as well as various cross-referenced sound effects are provided at no additional charge. Footage Firm® and FreePlay Music® use is subject to licensing requirements.

Omnimusic® and Capital® Professional Series™ are licensed directly by you, your company, or client, based on the fee schedule currently in place for that company. We charge NO mark-up.

The prices shown are subject to change. If your production offers an unusual challenge and you would like to discuss how we might be able to help make costs more affordable, please ask us. As our facilities are geared primarily for master production, CD-R duplication is generally done disc by disc.

Signet Creative, Inc.

For More Info, and Any Special Rate Considerations For Your Project:

Phone Toll Free (800) 636-1595 or (248) 443-2446



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